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Joining Us

We are delighted to receive visitors and new members. For additional information on Bookham Bees WI email:

The subscription for 2022 is £44.00

WI members can belong to more than one WI, by paying the full membership fee to the first WI, and a further £21.60 to any additional WIs at any time of the year.

There is no pro-rata rate for dual membership WI subscription and dual fees are paid directly to the WIs you wish to join.

51% of your subscription is split between the National Federation of Women’s Institute (NFWI) and the Surrey Federation of Women’s Institute (SFWI), with 49% (£21.60) being kept by Bookham Bees WI to fund our monthly room hire, speakers and other expenses incurred during the year.

Prior to Covid-19, WI annual subscriptions ran from January to December. However, in future all subscriptions will run from 1st April until the 31st March, each year.

The costs for 2022 are as follows;.

Date of Joining             Total Sub Due

1 Apr - 30 Jun 2022          £44.00

1 Jul - 30 Sept 2022          £33.00

1 Oct - 31 Dec 2022          £22.00

1 Jan - 31 Mar 2023          £11.00

Dual members pay £21.60 to their second WI
(no pro-rata rate)​

Visitors can pay £5 a visit, which is limited to three visits in a year. However, if you join on the evening there is no visiting fee.

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