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If you want to help the NHS here is a lovely thing to do if you can crochet or knit.

As we know ALL staff in the hospitals have to wear facemasks at all time.

Children in particular find this a bit distressing so a nurse from the children’s ward at the Royal Surrey has put out a request to make these toys with masks so the kids can relate.

Attached are patterns for a Crochet Bear and a Knitted Gnome.

The colour of the scrubs doesn’t really matter but the Royal Surrey usually wear light blue so if you have any of that it would be ideal but really any colour will be fine. 


Can you reply and let me know if you are going to have a go so I can get an idea how many we might get.

If you really don’t have any suitable wool but would like to have a go let me know as I have some wool here that was donated for a pompom project. 


Happy crafting and stay safe


Jill Jackson

Treasurer Bookham Butterflies


Instructions for
Crochet Bear
Please click to view


Instructions for
Knitted Gnome
Please click to view

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